Hajar Trading Company was established W.L.L in the state of Kuwait in 2014, To be one of the leading companies in the food sector through a group of regional and international brands, in oreder to select partners to the highest international food standards (IFS) related to food safety and quality control.

Our Vision

Hajar trading company seeking to creae a base of foof solutions that serve the needs of consumers to be at the forefront of leading companies to achieve global food saftey initiative (GFSI)

Our Mission

Hajar trading company always invest in the field of food solutions to serve Hajar’s vision in collaboration with our regional and global partners in the field of food solutions.

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Nobar Sabz has become one of the leading producers, of all kinds of frozen herbs, vegetables and fruits products. We are exclusive agent for importing and distributing “Nobar Sabz” products in following countries: (Kuwait, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman).

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Living organisms areall mostly comprised of water. It is this water inside that crystallises into ice. The length of time the freezing proccess takes has a direct effect on the final quality of the product larger crystals can damage materials by causing conditions such as cell brusting which reduced the quality of the food.

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Froozen fruits